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Full Body Workout with the Stability Ball!

Posted on 16 October 2012 by kira

Get those hot and sexy curves while having fun exercising on the stability ball!

Ball Sculpt 1: Nothing But the Ball is actually Six Workouts in One!  Requires a stability ball (not included).  With this workout, you need “Nothing but the Ball” to get in shape and create a strong and slim midsection! A comprehensive and innovative ball workout using gym tested exercises for proven results! This workout contains several “mini” workouts! Each segment targets a specific body part with a variety of well-designed exercises, infused with ab work!

Here’s all the great workouts that  you get in this one dvd:

  • Upper Body Workout
  • Three lower body workouts
  • Abdominal only workout
  • BONUS: Fit in 40 workout

Abdominal exercises are alternated with upper body exercises for extra core work. An “abdominal only” workout has even more exercises for sculpting your waistline!

The upper body workout has a total time of 48 minutes.This portion works everything from the hips up! Every exercise hits the abs and core!

The lower body workout has a total time of 58 minutes and includes three leg segments:
-exercises on the ball (11 minutes)
-standing exercises with the ball (18 minutes)
-exercises on the floor using the ball (10 minutes)

Accelerated body sculpting at its best! All exercises maximize the ball’s effectiveness for sculpting! Each exercise has intensity options. As you get stronger, move to the next level!

The Bonus Fit in 40 workout is A 40 minute complete body workout for those days when time is short! Using some of the same exercises in the main workout for a focused time-saver!

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