Why does opening sites only operate whenever I through the trailing “/” (for example

When you access a directory without a trailing “/”, Apache should deliver what exactly is known as a redirect toward customer to share with they to include the trailing slash. If it couldn’t achieve this, general URLs wouldn’t normally work properly. With regards to directs the redirect, it requires to know the identity regarding the host in order that it may include they from inside the redirect. There are two steps for Apache to get this around; either it would possibly guess, or you can determine it. In the event your DNS are configured correctly, it may ordinarily guess without having any troubles. If it is not, but then you will want to share with they.

The other thing that can occasionally create this symptom try a misunderstanding for the Alias directive, resulting in an alias working together with a trailing slash, rather than without one. The Alias directive is really exact, and aliases what you inform they to. Think about the following instance:

  • Alias /example/ /home/www/example/

The above directive produces an alias for URLs you start with /example/, but will not alias URLs starting with /example. In other words, a URL particularly will have the desired contents, but a URL instance can lead to a “file maybe not located” error.

  • Alias /example /home/www/example

How doesn’t mod_info record any directives?

The mod_info module enables you to make use of an internet browser observe just how your own host is set up. Among the list of ideas it shows is the listing of segments and their arrangement directives. The “present” standards for any directives are not fundamentally those of the run host; they might be extracted from the arrangement data themselves during the demand. If data files have-been altered because the host ended up being finally reloaded, the show wont match the prices definitely in use. In the event the data files and also the path to the files aren’t clear by the user as that server try running (start to see the consumer directive), then mod_info cannot see them in order to write her prices. An entry is going to be made in the mistake sign in this occasion, however.

My .htaccess documents are now being disregarded.

This is exactly almost always because your own AllowOverride directive are set incorrectly the service under consideration. If it’s set to not one next .htaccess data cannot actually looked for. Definitely a very important thing. When you have access to modify the httpd.conf, no one should make use of .htaccess files, ever before. When your customers manage need service for .htaccess, ensure AllowOverride is placed to things practical (in other words.: Not Absolutely All). Be sure they covers the directory site you may be trying to use the .htaccess file in. This really is generally accomplished by making sure its within the correct directory site container.

You’ll determine if it’s your problem by the addition of http://datingranking.net/cs/qeep-recenze/ nonsense book towards .htaccess file and reloading the page. Unless you bring a server mistake, subsequently Apache httpd is not reading their .htaccess file.

Why do I get a “Forbidden” content each time I try to access a certain index?

  • The root document system permissions don’t allow the User/Group under which Apache was run to access the required data; or
  • The Apache configuration has some access limits in position which forbid accessibility the data.

How come my personal records seem correctly in Internet Explorer, but arrive as provider or trigger a save windows with Netscape; or, Why doesn’t ie make my personal text/plain data correctly?

MS web browser (MSIE) and Netscape deal with mime type discovery differently, and therefore will display the document in a different way. Specifically, IE often relies on the document extension and/or items in the file to determine the mime kind. This may happen as soon as the servers determine a mime form of application/ or text/plain. This behavior violates the the HTTP requirement and helps it be impractical to create ordinary book files to MSIE clients occasionally. Additional information can be obtained on MSIE’s mime sort detection actions in an MSDN post and a note by Alan J. Flavell.

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