It may be difficult to 1-shot some pets depending on what your INT is

Water Staff/Neptune’s Staff is required

  • The Yagudo have ‘Attention Deficeit Disorder’, they do not stay standing long enough for an AM to go off. You’ll get the ‘too far away to cast’ message a lot. Sometimes, the Yagudo Mendicant break and don’t even cast elementals for 3 minutes so you’ll have to move to another Yagudo Mendicant. If you do get a link, the Pixies are so far off, you’d probably be dead by the time you run to them for help. It was not hard to one-shot them with AM, it was just really annoying to actually finish casting your AM without them moving out of range or having the other Yagudo wandering with it aggro you by sight.
  • TaruTaru, 56BLM/NIN, 70INT +20gear +7puffs, 173Ele (10 off cap, 193 with gear), Jupiter/Thunder, Aquilo’s, Wind, Moldy, Shaman’s, Wizard’s Gloves, Camp #3: Able to 1 shot every type of Elemental consistently, resists have been very rare. All data neutral day, dmg vaired slightly by mob lvl: Tornado(Earth): 936(EM) (932 on T, never failed to 1 shot unreisited, max HP of earth may be 930), Burst(Wind/Fire) NQ: 1009, HQ: 1056. Did not record data for lvl 55, but I did a few thousand XP here and did not have issue 1 shotting. Camp#3 Highly reccomended, consistant chain 4’s and chain 5 when yag doesn’t move.
  • Regarding the Yagudo’s “agitation” where they don’t seem to stay in one place for very long: This seems to occur in a predictable manner. If the Yagudo are disturbed in any way at all (aggro, link, kill and respawn) they will move around more frequently than normal mobs. They seem to reset their movement speed after the ending of a campaign battle in the zone. It is possible to silence pull them when they are moving quickly but you must have the spell ready to cast the instant the mob stops at a safe position. They also appear to become agitated during a campaign battle.
  • Came here as lv 52 elvaan, the elementals themselves were no problem to kill. pulling with T2 spell sleep aspir and AM. But as stated above, the yagudos constantly moving around along with the elemental stopping to cast their spells (I was /NIN so no silence) is extremely annoying.

56-60 – Newton Movalpolos

49 NOTE: You will need Flood in order for this strategy to work. Try to stack up as much as possible. I started with 60+24 (including 4 from Melon Pies) as a Hume, and that managed to overkill them by only a few damage. To one-shot the pets with certainty (barring resists) before 58 requires Burst, Jupiter’s Staff, 85 83 INT and 5 MAB; using a Thunder Staff requires 97 INT and 5 MAB. Otherwise, plan for a 2-shot, or wait untill 58, Flood, and Water Staff.

Water Staff/Neptune’s Staff is required

  • At 56 was duoing with a PUP friend using BLM frame, had him pull with Blizzard II when my Freeze was at 40-50%, right after he would Deactivate then activate to lose all hate from any possible links then Freeze would finish it off, very easy duoing, and good EXP.
  • Taru BLM56/NIN28 INT70+26 (Thunder Staff, AF hands, and legs, Shaman’s Cloak, and Moldavite Earring, rest just standard INT gear)Camped at 1st camp in this guide. Could 1-shot VT Goblin’s Bat with Burst for 1030-1133 without any problems on Iceday. — Tataru on Seraph.
  • Taru BLM56/RDM28 INT71+26 (AF: hands, legs, feet; Aquilo’s; Moldavite; Shaman’s; Tamas Ring; Balrahn’s Ring; Sweet Sachet; Merc. Capt. Belt.; Red Cape; Morion’s; Black Silk Neckercheief; Cream Puff): use Invisible and pull with Freeze. Then use Bind and follow up with Blizzard (or Blizzard II). You can optionally use /WHM for Stoneskin. Don’t bother with Sleep or Sleep II as you will be resisted without Elemental Seal. Bind usually only lasts long enough for a quick nuke, so I would advise against pulling with a Tier II spell and using Freeze afterward. My Elemental Skill, with the gear listed, was 209 and Enfeebling was 152 (low, but landed Bind without problems). Freeze consistently did 950-965 while Blizzard II did 300-316. — Boogers on Hades

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