A man tries to wake up their son who is bored for the bed

This new quiet film Dekigokoro/ Passage Admiration (1933) given up this new theme regarding young adults creating a life and you will focused to your average struggles regarding worst group contributed of the middle-old parents. In cases like this it’s very the new portrait away from men torn by the existential weakness, who’s got standards to follow but does not seem to have confidence in all of them that much. The man sees a coin purse that a person shed, and at earliest takes it, but places they back on the ground, and finally empties they to the his or her own purse (a good metaphor getting www.besthookupwebsites.org/tr/mixxxer-inceleme/ their indecisive values off existence).

Ozu conca A group of lowest-group everyone is sitting in a space and you may paying attention in order to a narrative ballad regarding real love regarding an effective geisha

Then places they out. Various other somebody find it and you can solution it as much as involuntarily up to it will become back into the person just who shed it from the first place, besides now it’s blank. At the same time particular ferocious fleas is fighting the viewers and you may men start moving along, interrupting the latest performance (an effective metaphor based on how turbulent their humble lifestyle might be). The guy exactly who took the fresh gold coins is actually Kihachi, as well as the guy is Tomio, their simply boy (having a spot on a single attention). When he walks from the space carrying their tired boy into his shoulders, he is attracted to an early rather and timid lady whom starred in the results. She does not state a phrase to help you your, along with his pal informs your to depart their by yourself.

Otome, but not, really wants to query him some thing different: Harue is in love with Jiro, however, Jiro generally seems to despise the woman, and Otome wishes Kihachi to speak with your

It meet the lady again afterwards hence big date she tells Kihachi one she has only lost their work and does not have any any family relations. He responses he has no girlfriend and you may attracts the lady so you’re able to stick to him or her, in spite of the reproaches off their buddy Jiro. The second early morning the kid, Tomio, attacks his father which have a stay with aftermath your up so he are not late getting work. Then he wears his uniform and you will walks to school, proud as a great scholar and a good guy. If father rises, the guy finds out that traditional lady whom runs the brand new restaurant, Otome, loves the latest girl, Harue, possesses considering the woman a career. Kihachi really works on a beneficial brewery with Jiro. The guy uses a single day fantasying from the Harue, just who reminds him out of his old boyfriend.

Jiro reminds your that he is an “old-man” and will not for example Harue before everything else. Kihachi takes day out-of, wears their top kimono and you will means Harue at cafe. Later on she performs together with his child. She as well as the boy after that check out Jiro’s place and you will clean it. When Jiro happens, he could be not entertained: the guy senses you to definitely Harue is during love which have your, and tells her you to she is and come up with a fool off Kihachi. She reacts one Kihachi feels like a sibling in order to their, not like a partner. Later on Otome asks observe Kihachi by yourself from the Harue. Kihachi gets thrilled and directs their kid playing additional (the kid is now offering zero spot with the eye any further).

Kihachi is hurt, but accepts the newest mission. Jiro try persistent and you may does not want to get married. Kihachi insists therefore the a few go into a disagreement. Off one to day Kihachi becomes another boy: the guy beverages and you will skips performs. Tomio are ashamed regarding his dad if the most other students build fun of him. At your home Tomio, immediately after whining by yourself, confronts his dad and also sounds your. Kihachi assist Tomio punch him a couple of times in the head up until the child bursts aside whining. They kiss, Kihachi requires to get forgiven and you will returns to help you his old good ways. The father is really happy that he gets Tomio a lot of money to spend any sort of method the guy likes. Tomio acquisitions an abundance of candies and you will junk foods and you will gets defectively unwell.

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