Such, Imam Husayn (pbuh) on the day off `Ashura’, talking to his devoted companions told you:

1. The latest connection off crossing

In a few of your own way of living, dying could have been called a bridge, more than hence some one, at the time of transfer using this business to the other community, shall cross and you will started to the purpose, which is the most other globe.

“Remain company, O sons regarding noble somebody, as the dying merely a link that will get across you and import you from pains and difficulties, into detailed home gardens out-of paradise. So which of you will not notice their freedom off prison and you will entering into a palace; of course, passing to suit your opposition feels as though the getting directed out of an effective palace and a castle towards the prison and you will torture.”

dos. Removal of dresses

In some of your life, dying could have been versus attire, which needless to say varies, in terms of a beneficial believer and you may a keen unbeliever. Dying, to have a believer feels like filthy dresses, which he removes and you can frees themselves from its dirtiness and you may offensive smell, while, passing regarding an enthusiastic unbeliever is also for example gowns, but gorgeous, expensive and lovely-smelling, he need to treat out of their human anatomy during transfer to additional community.

step three. Sleep

In a few most other life, passing might have been than the sleep, the spot where the heart goes out of the looks. The sole standard difference in sleep and you may demise is the fact that the coming out of brand new heart in the human body, during sleep, is to own a brief period of your energy. Concurrently, the connection between your body and the spirit is not completely severed.

While doing so, research about the newest heart keeps turned-out that soul keeps an exposure to the body in an exceedingly special manner. When you find yourself, in the course of death thereafter, the fresh severance in the union is far more done than you to during chatib logowanie the bed, whether or not, once dying as well, a failure partnership really does exists getting a certain period.

Various other part is the fact that the coming out of the new spirit during the the full time out-of death continues up to brand new Common Resurrection. So it culture claims: Imam Muhammad Baqir (pbuh) is actually expected with what is actually demise? The fresh new Holy Imam (pbuh) replied:

“Dying is the very same sleep that comes for your requirements every night. Financial firms a sleep, that’s very long, and you may child will maybe not awaken of it through to the Date away from Wisdom. Thus individual that observes different types of satisfaction and delight from inside the their sleep more that he, (within his wakefulness) does not have any fuel and similarly he observes various sorts of fear-instilling something, while he doesn’t have command over him or her. Therefore, just how is the state out of pleasure and you can worry on the sleep? (New affairs are going to be likewise very throughout the state off dying too). This can be dying. Very be prepared and you will open to it.”“Death is the identical bed which comes for you all night. This really is a bed, that’s longer, and you will kid shall maybe not wake up of it until the Go out off Wisdom. Hence person who observes different kinds of fulfillment and you will delight in their bed more which he, (in the wakefulness) doesn’t have fuel and you may furthermore he observes the various style of fear-instilling one thing, while he has no control of them. Therefore, exactly how ‘s the condition away from delight and you may fear regarding sleep? (The newest circumstances is going to be likewise very about condition out of passing too). It is dying. Very be prepared and you can ready to accept they.”

Sayings to your Dying

dos. Individual that progress the like and you will grace out-of Almighty Allah (swt), usually passing (Ajal) would-be just before his eyes in which he would be usually alarmed on the his demise. Nevertheless the one who get Satan (Shaitan) since buddy and you may becomes evil doer (Bad-Bakht). Satan overpowers him and pamper (Giraftaar) him inside the long wants and he never recalls passing.

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